Hi, I'm Ricky,

If you’re interested in working with me then let's speak! I don't charge for an initial consultation and there's no obligation to work with me (though I do ask that you're genuinely considering my programme). This will be an opportunity to talk about your life in complete confidence with someone who might be able to help. I will listen to what's going on for you, help in any way I can and make an assessment as to whether I think my programme is right for you. If I feel it is then I may offer you a place. I am looking for people who are serious about transforming their lives and prepared to commit themselves fully. That means time, money and energy. If you're finally ready to do something big and real then I urge you to push through any fear and book a call with me... this could be a life-changing moment for you. 


a trusted companion on the way

Ricky Reemer is an authentic guide through the trials and tribulations of our past. He focusses on our living a more fulfilled present by letting go of false beliefs about ourself, releasing negative energy and creatively visualising our truest future. He has done all of these himself, and understands the human heart with all its fears, so is a trusted companion on the way. I have worked with many healers, and he is A+.

Moraig Macdonald