About - Ricky Reemer

Dear friend,

There is an inside and an outside to our lives. 

On the outside we want deep and fulfilling relationships. We want to do meaningful and purposeful work. We want money to build our world. We want strong, healthy bodies. We want friends we can trust and rely on. We want fun and adventure and excitement. We want to express ourselves and be seen for who we are. And we want to feel good... free from any guilt or shame and able to move forward in the world with confidence, clarity and good humour. We want to do the right thing. Make the right decisions. Feel the right way. This is the great quest of life; to straighten ourselves out and build our worlds with the beauty, power and uniqueness that only we can. 

Yet on the inside an eternal battle rages. Like it or not we find ourselves engaged in an existential wrestle between a deep and profound darkness and a clear bright light: the two sides of our nature. The situation electrifies us, terrifies us, awakens us. It is our innermost experience of life, bubbling beneath the surface. This inner world is what directs our thoughts, our feelings and our actions. It’s what catapults us forward and it’s what stops us dead in our tracks. It’s the source of our fulfilment, our peace and our joy. And it’s the source of our agony, our despair and our confusion. 

To live and work well in the outer world we must learn to live and work well in the inner world. In order to summon the tremendous love, strength and wisdom to succeed outwardly, we must resolve great conflicts and stupendous battles within. And even if we manage to succeed in attaining our outer goals through pure perseverance, our lives will always lack meaning, depth and purpose if we fail to integrate and develop inwardly. Our relationships, our work, our bodies, our friendships, our lifestyles will all remain in shallow waters and we will always feel like something is missing. How can we relate properly with our lovers if we have unresolved issues with our parents? How can we be confident and purposeful in our work if we don’t truly believe in ourselves? How can we be good to our bodies if we're at war with who we are? How can we be there for our friends if we’ve deserted ourselves? How can we summon the energy to take on our lives if we’re riddled with indecision? How can we find the light of freedom if we’re plagued by the darkness of shame? 

Our loneliness, our anxiety, our lostness, our confusion, our depression, our mistrust, our fatigue, our overwhelm… it all comes from the battlefield within. And unless we fight the good fight we cannot win. But if we know how, and if we have committed friends by our side, we can conquer the darkness, find the light and manifest a world beyond our dreams. We can find our true selves, heal our hearts and minds and fall in love with who we are. We can find our partners and bind ourselves together in sexual union. We can find our people and establish impenetrable bonds of trust and friendship.  We can find our purpose and contribute our unique gifts to the world. We can find the clarity, passion, conviction and will to make the money we need, to have the adventures we want, to express ourselves in the world and establish a harmony and a peace deep down inside of us. 

I am the facilitator of a programme called The Year Of Your Life. I gather together 10 people at a time and guide them through a year-long journey into self-discovery and transformation. It starts with a week-long residential retreat where we dive deeply into our lives, analyse our problems, work out what we really want, figure out what we really need to do, connect with who we really are and build an extraordinary vision and plan for our future. Then, over the course of a year, we work together as a group to put our plans into action and transform our lives. Some start businesses, some leave relationships, some find relationships, some move home, some transform their bodies, some quit their jobs, some travel, some do nothing you would notice… but all transform themselves and an extraordinary circle of friendship is formed. The process is therapeutic, spiritual and practical. We heal old wounds and release negative beliefs and patterns. We connect deeply with the present moment and reclaim our true identity. We draw up strong, pragmatic plans for the future. We find our warrior spirit and march forward like champions into the next phase of our lives. 

If you've reached a tipping point... if you want to heal your deepest wounds, find your true self, put your life right and do the work you were born to do… if you want the harmony and peace you know must be possible… then I invite you to spend a year with me and a group of extraordinary new friends and have the year of your life

With love,